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10-1-18: Submitted CISSP exam for approval.


9-30-18: Cisco CCNA to include WiFi 6 concepts.


9-29-18: Ethical Hacker v9 added.


9-28-18: F5 exams included.

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SOA Exams
Here you will find here the list of exams proposed by SOA.


Choose your Exam:
Exam Code Exam Name # files
C90-01AFundamental Cloud Computing (C90.01)2
C90-02ACloud Technology Concepts4
C90-03ACloud Technology Lab2
C90-05AAdvance Cloud Architecture - C90.05 Exam4
C90-06ACloud Architecture Lab Exam2
S90-01Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A)10
S90-01AFundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing6
S90-03SOA Design & Architecture4
S90-03ASOA Design & Architecture6
S90-04ASOA Project Delivery & Methodology2
S90-05ASOA Technology Lab4
S90-08AAdvanced SOA Design & Architecture4
S90-09AS90.09 - SOA Design and Architecture Lab S90-09A2
S90-20ASOA Security Lab2
S90.02SOA Technology Concepts - S90-02A8
S90.09SOA Design Architecture Lab4

SOA certification exams are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully master the topics covered in the exam on daily basis.